Exciting experiences for both young and old!

Exciting experiences for both young and old!

You’ve long dreamed of a nice vacation where you could really relax – so that little rug rats don’t hang around your leg all the time out of boredom? Woo-hoo! – You have come to the right place!

Our family-friendly hotels and restaurants have many, many activities that allow even parents to really enjoy their vacation. Both the youngest and the oldest members of the family can romp in the water center, do crafts with Lotte, frolic in the children’s area, watch cartoons, shuffle your slippers to a chocolate massage, or even chase meatballs through mashed potatoes.

By the way, our child-friendliness has even been confirmed with awards. We look at the world through the eyes of children and parents who yearn for such a vacation, which is even better than it looks in the pictures. We know what it means to be parents who want a worry-free vacation.

We take care of you so that you can enjoy every moment and really appreciate your vacation.

Child at the table

Isn’t it terribly annoying trying all the time to try to figure out what to cook for the kids? Where and what to buy and clean up all the mess after the meal? Don’t exhaust yourself; you better come to the hotel to rest and eat because here, everything is done for you, and all you have left is the joy of enjoyment. Everyone will find something nice for themselves on the restaurant’s children’s menu; even those who are fussy will have a smile on their faces. The main favorite is meatballs with mashed potatoes, which you can get at restaurants Nero and City Grill House. However, if you want to pretend-travel to Italy, you should come to Flavore restaurant and dream together, discovering the magic of Italian food and music.

Even baby mommies and daddies can breathe easier with us because Tallink restaurants have baby food on the menu for our littlest, sweetest guests.

Kids area

Toddlers’ fun playtime and entertainment in the play corner will add to the joy because colorful and imaginative children’s cocktails are available as mood boosters. Believe me, when the little shark cocktail is in front of your toddler, you will probably want to choose the next drink from the children’s menu instead!

Restaurant Nero brunch

On Sundays, you should take steps to Nero’s family brunch, the complete hit of which is the exciting children’s area, where a fun character takes care of the children. There is laughter and play here, and while the real chef is cooking for you in the kitchen, children can play cooking in the play kitchen. Afterward, you can compare whose food was tastier. In the children’s area, there are all kinds of board games and toys, activities and puzzles, so that moms and dads can feel young and free by themselves as the children enjoy discovering the world and socializing with other children in the play area. They are entertained by familiar cartoon or book characters and time flies so fast that they don’t even realize it.

A vacation in our hotel will definitely become a favorite of your toddlers.

Kids at Aqua Spa

Imagine, in the lobby bar of Aqua Spa Hotel, and you can even watch Lotte cartoons together in the morning! A vacation in our hotel will surely become a favorite of your toddlers. Isn’t it a nice day when you can wait in peace for breakfast that someone else prepares? The children are busy in the children’s area until the food arrives; if some food lands under the table, you don’t have to worry about it, and finally, whoever wants can watch cartoons. Everyone has something to do, nobody has to cook and clean, children have the joy of discovering new toys and cartoons, and moms and dads can just be and enjoy the moment.

When you have rested enough after the meal, you can take the little ones by the hand and head to the Aqua Spa aquatic center together. Put on your slippers, and your bathrobe – swimming pools and great water attractions, several different saunas and swimming equipment await you. Of course, don’t be surprised if your toddlers refuse to go back into the room – so many kids have wished they could frolic in pools and slurp ice cream shakes all day.

Aha! However, this is far from all. Let the children enjoy life to the fullest and try beauty treatments for children.

Child enjoying a massage

What kid wouldn’t want to be just like mommy and daddy? Everyone would. One of the children’s favorite treatments is the chocolate massagebecause, in addition to being like a mom who gets a massage, the whole body smells like chocolate. Life is like a cartoon! And – oh, how nice a foot massage and pedicure are, and even nails get done in no time!

For mommy and daddy’s delight, the City Hotel relaxation area is also a nice place where adults can enjoy being alone, as long as the children find exciting activities on their own in the nearby play area. You lie in silence and peace, throw steam in the sauna, sip delicious cocktails in the aura of the healing salt wall, dream and enjoy moments to yourself. In the meantime, the children are having fun in the children’s area, where they can climb and solve puzzles, build houses out of bricks and generally have fun in the company of all kinds of action games.

And that’s not all.

City Hotel also has a treasure chest of toys and candies for children. This surprise box hides in itself a lot of exciting things.

Child enjoying beauty treatments

Oops! Clothes got dirty during the game, a button came off, or a ketchup-covered hot dog fell on a dress or shirt. What to do? Peace, peace – the City Hotel has thought of that as well if small complications occur while resting.

Feel free to step into the cozy ironing room, where everything you need for such occasions is available.You can remove stains, wash and dry clothes in the washing machine, iron and sew on buttons and make other small corrections to everyday life.


When the school holidays come, you are often at a loss as to what to do with the children.

Come to the hotel to have fun and enjoy yourself and play!

There is no rush during the vacation, and the family can enjoy being together in an exciting hotel environment instead of at home. A change is as good as a holiday, as the English say.

What to do with children in Tallinn?