Terms and conditions of sale

General information

The owner of the booking system hotelbooking.tallink.com (hereinafter “Booking System”) is OÜ TLG HOTELL (registry code 10952552), which is seated at Sadama 5/7, Tallinn, Estonia 10111. Telephone: +372 630 0808, e-mail: hotelbooking@tallink.ee.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply to the purchase of accommodation and additional services (hereinafter “Services”) through the use of the Booking System.

The Terms and Conditions of Sale regulate any legal relationships that are formed between OÜ TLG Hotell (hereinafter “Vendor”) and a natural or legal person (hereinafter “Customer”) at the purchase of Services in the Booking System.

The Vendor has the right to unilaterally amend and supplement the Terms and Conditions of Sale by publishing the new Terms and Conditions of Sale at hotelbooking.tallink.com.

The customer has the right to save, print or reproduce the Terms and Conditions of Sale prior to performance of the purchase.

The Customer shall agree with the Terms and Conditions of Sale by confirming the order of Services in the Booking System.

Price information

The prices of accommodation and additional services that are booked through the booking system are depicted next to the respective room types or services. Service information is depicted next to the respective service.

All of the prices presented on the website include the value added tax that is applicable in the country of destination where the Services are provided.

Submission of orders

To book Services, they must be separately added to the order. After this, the total cost of the order is displayed, which can be paid through the use of a bank link or credit card.

The contract shall enter into force at the moment when the sum of the order of Services is received on the Booking System’s bank account.

If the Vendor cannot provide all of the ordered Services, the Customer shall be notified of this as soon as possible, and the paid sum shall be returned within 14 days, at the latest.

Cancellation of orders

When cancelling an order, the Terms and Conditions that are applied differ by Services. The Terms and Conditions have been provided next to the Services, and the Customer can read them before booking the Services. When making a booking, the Customer shall agree to the terms and conditions of cancellation of the order of Services. For instance, the Booking System displays discounted prices, and in the case of a booking made at such prices, the paid sum shall not be returned in case of a cancellation.

The order can be cancelled on the online system. To do this, the Customer must log into the Booking System with their e-mail address. User accounts are automatically created for Customers when making bookings.

Processing of personal data

The Vendor shall use only the information that has been personally provided by the Customer in the customer data fields (name, telephone number, address, e-mail and Club One card number) of the Booking System for the processing of the booking and the provision of the Services to the Customer, i.e. the performance of the contract and contacting the Customer.

In order to provide service to the Customer and to perform the contract, the Vendor may disclose the Customer’s personal data to third parties that provide services to the Vendor and have the contractual obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the disclosed information. For example, one such third party is Tallink Takso AS, which is tasked with the organisation of the transfers sold by the Vendor.

The collection of personal data belonging to registered customers (loyal customers) may be carried out through the submission of contact data (incl. the name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, preferred method of contact) on the Vendor’s website: during the usage of the website, from the customer’s account information or cookies, provided that cookies are used; when making a purchase or order on the Vendor’s website, by saving personal contact data or data concerning the purchase preferences.

The Vendor shall be obligated to protect and process the personal data of its Customers in accordance with legislation. The Vendor’s online activities are in accordance with all of the relevant activities and the respective legal acts of the European Union, as well as the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

An encrypted data communication channel with the banks ensures the safety of the personal data and bank account details of the person performing the purchase.

The Vendor shall ensure that the statutory protection of the Customers’ personal data is always guaranteed, regardless of the performance of any amendments.

Please contact us at hotelbooking@tallink.ee with any questions regarding our privacy policy or the processing of data.