Tallink Express Hotel lobby

Tallink Express Hotel

The hotel with friendly rates and cheerfully coloured rooms is located between the passenger port and the Old Town. It combines affordability with an excellent location, appreciated by leisure and business travellers alike. Best of all, the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel is located next door, with a water centre and a beauty and wellness centre that add even more value to the hotel. It all brings a smile to the faces of our guests.


You’ll find 166 cheerfully coloured rooms on five floors of our hotel for a flexible and enjoyable stay. Here you can choose between a classic double and a spacious family room with a convertible sofa.


You can enjoy a quick and decent meal at the hotel.

Tempo Resto & Baar

Tempo Resto & Bar

In addition to hotel guests, the Tempo buffet, with its delicious soup menu, is also much loved by bustling locals. We make sure our people have a varied choice of appetising dishes to choose from.

We know that time is an invaluable asset, and we want residents and guests alike to get a quick decent meal here in the mornings and at lunchtime.

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Aqua Spa

A refreshingly relaxing spa experience at the adjacent Tallink Spa & Conference hotel

Make the most of your holiday! Relax in the saunas of the Aqua Spa water centre, soak in the jacuzzies and splash in the pools. You can also get pampered by spa therapists at the Aqua Spa beauty and wellness centre.

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What to do in Tallinn?

Tallink Express Hotel can be reached by public transport:

From the airport:

  • On bus no. 2
    Airport – A Terminal at the port
  • On tram no. 4
    Airport – Linnahall (Rannamäe road)

From the bus station:

  • On bus no. 2
    Tallinn Bus Station’s flower shop – A Terminal at the port (Sadama street)
  • On tram nos. 2 and 4
    Bus Station (Tartu road) – Linnahall (Rannamäe road)

From the train station:

  • On tram no. 3
    Balti station (Toompuiestee) – Linnahall (Põhja puiestee)
  • On tram nos. 1 and 2
    Balti station (Kopli street) – Linnahall (Rannamäe road)


Parts of streets around the hotel are currently under construction. It may take more time than usual to get to the hotel by bus or car. Please find the detailed instructions.

Tallink Express Hotel


Sadama 9,
10111 Tallinn, Estonia

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Parking info
  • Traffic changes

Find out more about the changes in traffic during construction works and the detailed instructions:

From 24.11.2023