Tempo Resto & Bar

With us, a wide selection of appetizing and filling dishes awaits you.

About restaurant

Breakfast and lunch buffets prepared from seasonal and fresh ingredients are loved by hotel guests and the fast-paced locals.

You may have heard already that our selection of soups, which we offer at lunch, is especially popular. We know that your time is an invaluable asset, and we will make sure that you get a quick and proper meal here that will support the pace of your life.

Memorable evenings with exciting flavours and cocktails await in our restaurants Nero, Flavore, NOK NOK and City Grill House.

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Lunch buffet menu

Enjoy our extremely popular soup gallery consisting of four different soups every day, one of which is always sweet.
In addition, we also serve a daily lunch buffet.
All you can eat!

Menu is published in Estonian!