Tallinn Cocktail Week 2024


Tallinn Coctail Week 2024

The cocktail week, taking place already for the seventh time, offers a great opportunity to get to know Tallinn’s fun and stylish venues that appreciate fine cocktail art and the secrets of skilfully prepared drinks.

Bars and restaurants participating in Tallinn Cocktail Week prepare special drink menus, where both legendary flavours and trendy combinations have their place of honour – sweet teasers and sour surprises, spicy experiences, and sparkling classics.

All participants will bring to the table one mocktail and two cocktails. One of the cocktails is themed “Welcome to Estonia,” which each restaurant and bar may interpret according to their own taste and creativity.

NOK NOK restaurant brings the authentic flavors of the Kingdom of Thailand directly to the old town of Tallinn. In addition to classically crafted Thai dishes, you can also find exotic tastes and spices wafting from the drinks. This time, NOK NOK’s special cocktail for the cocktail week is “Welcome to Estonia,” dubbed KÄGU KÄGU in NOK NOK’s style, taking us on a delightful journey through Nordic forests and their bounties amidst a light veil of mist.

City Grill House restaurant and lobby bar are among the most beloved spots in downtown to start or end your evening enjoying flavorful drinks. The cocktail week features exciting new cocktails that will leave no one cold! City Grill House’s cocktails and mocktails are refreshingly fresh, and the special “Welcome to Estonia” cocktail is Flower Champagne, inviting you to a summer dance among genuine champagne and strawberries.

Restaurant Nero takes guests on a culinary journey around the world, offering the best dishes from across the globe, and the cocktails reflect these world flavors. For the cocktail week, Nero introduces a special “Welcome to Estonia” cocktail called Smoky Berry, which is delightfully fruity with a hint of smoke.

Ristorante Flavore brings beloved Italian dishes to the table, from juicy pizzas to exquisite pastas, and the cocktails are infused with a pleasant Italian flair. Ristorante Flavore’s special “Welcome to Estonia” cocktail blends Italian and Estonian flavors into a fresh, cooling drink supported by local basil and limoncello.

All visitors of the cocktail week can also choose their favourite drink and venue with the nicest ambiance by voting on the TCW website www.coctailweek.ee/tallinn-vali-lemmik. Among all the voters – a Cocktail training session by the Estonian Bartenders’ Association will be raffled.

See you at the Tallinn Cocktail Week!

  • A 10% discount applies to Club One members.