Sleep well

Tallink hotels are hotels that prioritize good sleep and rest

The comfortable rest and good sleep of our guests is our priority. For that reason, we have created a sleep-friendly environment in our hotels.


Good sleep brings health and a joyful mind

Good sleep is the foundation of good health and a joyful mind. How to sleep comfortably and get proper rest? To achieve a comfortable and restful sleep, the bedroom needs to be sufficiently dark and at a suitable temperature, the bed, blanket, and pillow should be so cozy that your body, mind, and senses can fully relax. Additionally, it is important that the routine and activities we engage in before bedtime are conducive to falling asleep.

In Tallink hotels, we have taken great care to ensure that guests have a good and restful sleep. We have chosen comfortable beds, soft blankets, and pillows for our hotels. We have also created optimal lighting solutions and blackout options. Additionally, we provide various tips and solutions to support falling asleep.

Woman with a pillow

A suitable pillow from our pillow menu

One of the most important factors for a good night’s sleep is having the right pillow that suits your needs. There are guests who prefer to sink their head full of thoughts into a large and fluffy pillow, while others require a thinner pillow for optimal rest and relaxation. That’s why we have made pillows our priority and developed a separate pillow menu so that every guest can find the one that suits them best:

  • Feather pillows are luxuriously soft, lightweight, and fluffy
  • Wool pillows are breathable, soft and warm
  • Silk pillows are antistatic, breathable and have a cooling effect
  • Pillows with bamboo fibers are fluffy, antistatic, antibacterial and moisture absorbent
  • Memory foam pillows take shape exactly according to your head and body
  • Thin pillows

Choose your favorite pillow from the pillow menu, inform the hotel reception of your preference, and the selected pillow will be delivered to your hotel room.

Hotel room

Carefully selected beds

We are constantly looking for ways to support our guests’ even more comfortable relaxation and rest. We have, for example, selected two-layered spring system Sleepwell continental beds for the renovated rooms in our Tallink City Hotel and Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel. These beds cater to the needs of even the most demanding sleep enthusiasts. Sleepwell indeed manufactures top-quality beds right here in Estonia, drawing inspiration from our country’s rare tranquility and Scandinavian design. The classic Bonell spring system used in the beds allows the upper pocket spring system to provide just the right amount of support for the sleeper’s body, ensuring optimal comfort and support. The beds are filled with high-quality foam and the cover fabrics meet the ÖkoTex100 standard, ensuring that they are produced in an environmentally friendly manner and do not contain harmful substances.

Relaxation area

Relaxing saunas and massage

In addition to a comfortable bed, soft blanket, and pillow, enjoying a sauna, relaxing massages, and body treatments can also contribute to a good night’s sleep. In our hotels located in Tallinn, we offer a wide range of various treatments and saunas. In the Riga hotel, you can pre-book a sauna and hot tub for your group.

Why is good sleep necessary?

It creates a good mood and keeps the body healthy

Sleep and good mood are closely interconnected. The consequence of poor or insufficient sleep is stress and irritability. Healthy and restful sleep, on the other hand, improves mood. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health – a rested mind sees life in a brighter light! Therefore, both need to be taken care of. Good sleep is more important than strict diet and following an exercise routine. A rested body is better equipped to fight off pathogens. During sleep, the body produces growth hormone, reduces inflammation, and aids in wound healing.

Improves learning ability and memory

During the night’s sleep, the brain’s energy reserves are replenished, and a necessary cleansing process takes place to remove excess waste from the brain for survival. Good sleep also strengthens memory.

Supports the work of the heart

During sleep, blood pressure decreases, and the heart and cardiovascular system can rest.

Encourages to do sports

Good sleep is the basis of athletic performance. When well-rested, the desire to engage in sports increases, mood improves, dreams become bigger, and they are easier to achieve compared to when tired. There is a several-kilometer long walking and cycling path that passes along the seaside, offering scenic views and passing by various interesting attractions, connecting Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel and Tallink Express Hotel with the trendy Noblessner Harbor area. In Tallink City Hotel, you can challenge yourself on the indoor fitness trail that spans across 10 floors, providing a pleasant workout for your body. If you are vacationing in Riga, you will find several green parks near our hotel where you can enjoy leisurely walks or go for a run to maintain your health and well-being. Exercise and tiring the body a few hours before bedtime greatly contribute to better sleep!

We wish you a night of restful sleep and blissful dreams!