Summer drink suggestions


Jana Mitunevitš with a cocktail

Summer is here and the weather is hot – now is the time to move your teas to the corner of the cupboard and set the mulled wine pot aside for cooler days. Drink trends are as changeable as the Estonian weather. What will our head bartender Jana tell us about this summer’s trends, classic drinks and her own favourites and recommendations to have you ready to leap into summer?

Summer trends 2023

In the world of summertime drinks, fizzy lighter drinks are always front and centre. A few years ago, it was Aperol Spritz, then Negroni Sbagliato and last summer’s hits were tequila and mezcal (smoked tequila) based spritzers. This year’s newcomer is Limoncello Spritz – a fresh lemon-flavoured sparkling wine spritzer. These are light “all-day drinks,” which both quench your thirst and have a delicate and pleasant taste – this is why they go well alone or accompanied with all kinds of dishes that can be found on the restaurant menu.

There’s no summer without the classics

Even if it pours, no season goes by without sampling the classics! Whether it is a fresh and minty Mojito, a bitter but multi-layered Negroni or a perfectly balanced Whiskey Sour, their fans can be found in any weather. Our expert bartenders, many of whom are members of the Estonian Bartender Association, have been honing their skills for many years. Their experience, courage and motivation are so bountiful that they have participated at various cocktail competitions on several occasions and take part in the annual Tallinn Cocktail Week.


Jana’s recommendation for summer 2023

We continue to see the trendy gin and tonic at every event and on every drink menu – both in the form of classic cocktails and special flavour solutions. Gin makes a nice base for a cocktail, from which countless exciting combinations can be created. Everyone will find something they like – gins are available in both strong and mild juniper berry flavours; salty and spicy, as well as floral and berry flavours. However, they can all be used to make hundreds of different cocktails, by using different flavoured tonics and citrus of other fruits.

An unlimited taste experience

The expanding world brings contemporary trends with it – for example, the popularity of non-alcoholic cocktails, or mocktails, continues to rise. This is only a positive for food connoisseurs because this allows you to enjoy your favourite drinks without restrictions. Alcohol-free drinks allow you to drive a car or a bike or even dive into the water immediately after a lovely get-together, and all this safely and with consideration to others. Jana’s special favourite is Tanqueray 0 with tonic water, because the only thing she loves more than the creation of flavours as a job, is riding her motorcycle. And she can do that as stylishly as mixing cocktails.

Jana Mitunevitš with a motorcycle

All these drinks can be tasted in the lobby bars and restaurants of Tallink Hotels, in the pool bar of Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel and in Tallink Hotel restaurants NOK NOK and Ristorante Flavore.

We offer Tanqueray gin drinks at a special price to all visitors to Tallink Hotels in Tallinn, up to the end of summer.

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