Six reasons to choose Tallink Hotels and to plan your company’s Christmas party in advance


Marit Tali band

1. One less worry and one more joy during the Christmas season!

Christmas time is a time for peace… except when you have too many tasks piled up for that time. Even if you enjoy all of them, a long to-do list can bring you closer to chaos than peace. To have one less worry and a lot more joy during Christmas, take care of some necessary tasks in advance, such as planning your company’s Christmas party during the summer!

2. The party has already been organised for you!

Our exciting Christmas parties are great for companies and groups – you don’t have to spend your time searching for a venue, choosing performers or selecting catering because we have taken care of everything. You will be greeted with a welcome drink, served a delicious buffet dinner and entertained with an exciting party programme led by a vibrant host. It’s up to you to reserve the desired number of seats for the party and send out the party invitations – we are ready to assist you!

3. A greater selection of dates is available!

If you start planning your party well in advance, other companies may not have booked the best dates yet, giving you more options to choose from as a result. Our parties will take place on eight evenings this year, and there are many immersive party programmes to choose from on the menu. Hurry up and set the date quickly!

4. A lively party at a reasonable price!

Organising a large Christmas party is not an inexpensive endeavour. Our parties are fully prepared, and the cost is calculated based on the number of participants. By choosing us, you can treat your team to an amazing Christmas party at a reasonable price!

5. Longer advance notice means more guests!

We know from experience that people’s calendars fill up quickly, especially during the holiday season! When the party date is set early, people can plan accordingly, and the likelihood of the entire team being able to attend and celebrate is much higher!

6. Team members feel valued and important.

Organising company parties creates a sense among team members that they are valued not only as employees but also as individuals. The Christmas party is something that the entire team usually looks forward to with excitement. It brings joy to already know in the fall that a great party is coming up!