Executive Chef Karlis Rudolfs Aiše shares the inspiration behind Ristorante Flavore’s newly refreshed menu


Karlis Rudolfs Aise

What usually inspires you to bring new dishes into the menu and how does the process work?

We like to change the menu couple of times a year to bring in more seasonal ingredients and give a fresh boost to the variety of dishes we offer. Every dish starts with an ingredient, and then slowly by experimenting with it in different ways we try to combine the final dish.

We always go through the degustation process together with the team and try to find the balance in tastes to everyone’s liking.

Which were the main ingredients you used to combine this summer’s menu and what is new?

For this menu we created some appetisers which are especially great for sharing, like the spicy roasted squid with nduja and potato in garlic and white wine sauce and the new dishes with zucchini – zucchini carpaccio with tiger prawns and bruschetta with zucchini and stracciatella cheese. Here we took a humble ingredient like zucchini and made it the star of the dishes.

As the main course, this summer guests can also savour pasta with fresh truffles and grilled octopus accompanied by roasted potatoes and a rich roasted bell pepper sauce.

We are also happy to introduce a new dessert – prosecco and peach zabaglione cream with strawberries – the perfect sweet delight for hot summer days.

What are your main principles when combining new dishes and ingredients?

I am of the opinion that delicious dishes do not always have to be complicated but that also does not mean they have to be boring. The ingredients must work in harmony and not overwhelm each other.

Every ingredient must be fresh and of great quality, and then, with a little help of the right techniques, care and passion, they will be brought to life and as a result will shine on a whole new level.

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