Greet the new school year in Tallink restaurants


Child-friendly restaurant awards

Summer is still in full swing, but the beginning of school is also around the corner. In order for the new year of gathering experiences and wisdom to start happily with lovely shared memories that nourish the soul and senses even in the middle of the school year, it is worth celebrating the commencement of a new schoolyear with the whole family!

Tallink Hotels’ restaurants Nero, Ristorante Flavore and City Grill House have all received the title of family-friendly restaurants again this year and are perfectly suited for pleasant family lunches and dinners! “I am sincerely glad that our excellent waiters know how to pay special attention to families with children and offer them a great restaurant experience.” Eva Hanschmidt-Kalmus, Member of the Management Board of Tallink Hotels, commented.

What does family-friendliness mean to us?

  • Restaurant City Grill House has a large children’s area on the forest floor, where our little guests may climb and have fun. We also offer a variety of toys and activity books with crayons at the table. We have a separate menu for children with beautiful cocktails and for festive events children’s sparkling drinks (that adults love too!).

  • At restaurant Nero, there is also a lovely little children’s play corner, where our little guests may stretch their legs and play when they get tired of sitting at the table. A basket of toys may be brought to the table which includes board games to be played with the family to enjoy time together and strengthen family bonds. At Nero there is also a separate menu for children, fun cocktails and sparkling drinks.

  • Children’s favourites at Ristorante Flavore include pizzas with long ears and funny faces and children’s cocktails. Although there is not a separate children’s play corner, Ristorante Flavore has a nice toy basket where the little guests can find something new and exciting. The toy basket has proven to be very popular.

  • The family buffet-brunch at restaurant Nero every Sunday includes a fun character who entertains the children with face-paintings and balloon animals.

  • At the breakfasts of restaurants Nero and City Grill House we offer ice cream and the possibility to make your own waffles.

“I recently visited City Grill House with my children to celebrate a special event and I realised how nice it is to go to a restaurant with the whole family when the children have also something fun to do. After dinner the children ran up and down the stairs, visited the playroom, drew pictures, solved puzzles, and had a cool blue cocktail with sharks, which created tremendous excitement. Our waiters Külli and Henry made sure that the food arrived as quickly as possible and that the children could find the play aera without any problems,” Eva Hanschmidt-Kalmus added.

A cheerful family brunch, which is very popular among families, takes place in the Nero restaurant every Sunday from 12 to 15, and is also perfect for celebrating the beginning of a new schoolyear! If you combine it with fun and games at the water centre located in the same building, the whole day will definitely be remembered for a long time! We have also created convenient family packages where everything is already assembled and organised for you.

Fun family memories may also be created in the children’s suite of Tallink City Hotel – a two-room hotel suite specially designed for families with children, where there are plenty of activities for children. The children’s room is filled with games and climbing opportunities and is nicely and cheerfully coloured, the adults’ room is more mellow and allows parents to relax comfortably and enjoy the sight of contented children frolicking in the kids’ room.

Come and enjoy life with your family and let’s create special experiences together!