Ando Lill, Nero’s chef – traditions and recommendations for Mother’s Day: “The best gift is made with our own hands!”


Ando Lill

Ando remembers the first Mother’s Day traditions from childhood. Together with my brother and sister, plans were held for a long time to come up with the perfect gift for my mother, which my grandmother helped to craft. The gift was always accompanied by a Napoleon cake made according to grandmother’s golden recipe, the recipe of which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Ando’s mother lives in Tapa, 150 km away from his place of residence. At least once a month, he and his wife visit her mother, and they often call her, and even surprise her on anniversaries. Similar to childhood, mothers are surprised together today as well.

The next generation and traditions with your own family

Ando’s own mother has had a great influence on the family’s traditions. In the past, every year the children came up with a plan to surprise their mother, and Daddy, as the children call Ando, helped make it a reality. Since Ando and her wife both work with their hands, this skill has also been passed on to the children, and home-made cakes and tarts were a surprise from the countryside.

When they were 3-4 years old, the children together with their father undertook small projects such as “Kirju koer” and cookie cakes, but as they grew and developed their skills, the plans also became bigger – baked cheesecakes, curd-rhubarb cakes and the family favorite – airy Pavlova – of course with whipped cream and lots of berries. The latter are also very good for decorating and hiding funny mishaps.

If the cheesecake sinks or a crack appears on the curd cake, you can always throw cream and berries on top – in addition to a beautiful appearance, you also get useful vitamins. It has never happened that the cake was not eaten or that someone went to the store with rutu to get a new one, because the cute mishaps were only superficial and the taste was always excellent. According to Ando, buying a cake from a store is rather an extremely rare exception for a family.

This year, Ando’s wife will not take part in the surprise with the children, because the daughters want to surprise both parents with a gift. However, the man is sure that one annual tradition – barbecuing in the backyard – will definitely fit in there for the day.

6 questions for Ando:

Coffee in bed or a nice night out?

“Let’s go out to eat and I’ll surprise you at home. You don’t take coffee to bed.”

Is Mother’s Day at home, at the table or a family picnic in the park?

“If the cake suffers from transportation, then still outside, but I definitely recommend eating Pavlova, for example, at home.”

What is your fondest Mother’s Day memory with your children?

“Moments when children surprise their mother with a key, a symbol, made by their own hands.”

What flowers do you give your wife?

“Traditionally long-stemmed, blood-red roses. These are the wife’s favorites. I always want to give her the best and the best.”

What do you recommend for a surprise on Mother’s Day this year?

“Pavlova cake with whipped cream and berries, it’s light and airy – perfect for our spring.”

What are the little things you do on Mother’s and Women’s Day, but which you also remember on weekdays?

“Anniversaries are like obligations, when I also naturally enjoy making gestures, but remembering should not be limited to them. For me, sincere and heartfelt compliments, hugs, kisses and surprises in everyday life are more important. We share this feeling and way of thinking, and caring has kept us on our journey together for 25 years. This summer we will celebrate a silver wedding together.”

“Respect a woman and give her space, always. Notice, be interested and remember.” – Ando Lill

Let’s keep the mothers and love the women in our lives, celebrate and remember everyone on both special and everyday days.

Let’s create special experiences together!