Woman in a hammam sauna

Sauna Yoga

Sauna yoga merges the practices of traditional yoga with the rejuvenating experience of the sauna. Yoga sessions are held in the water centre’s hamam sauna. The emphasis during these sessions is on breathing and stretching exercises, designed to relieve the body of tensions and strengthen your muscles.

Owing to the raised temperatures of 40-50 degrees Celsius, sauna yoga offers relaxation while simultaneously aiding in the body’s active detoxification. Research has shown that sauna yoga improves flexibility, promotes weight loss, and enhances endurance.

For those with chronic illnesses, fever, skin rashes, or cardiovascular problems, it’s recommended to consult a doctor before participating in sauna yoga.

Seize this excellent opportunity to combine relaxation with a workout for both body and soul!

There’s no need to purchase a separate ticket to join the sauna yoga sessions – it’s included in the entrance fee of the water center

Additional services

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Relaxation area

Relaxation area

To complement the holiday experience, hotel guests are welcome to the relaxation area, where after three different enjoyable saunas, it is exactly the right time to enjoy your choice of treatment by our beauticians.

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Aqua spa

Aqua Spa aquatic center

Aqua Spa is a genuine oasis in the middle of the city that combines relaxing water procedures, beauty and wellness services.

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