Tallink e-shop showroom

Tallink e-shop showroom

In the showroom of the Tallink e-shop, hotel guests have the opportunity to get acquainted with the best seasonal selection available in the Tallink e-shop. You can order the goods you like through the e-shop to your home or to the hotel.

The showroom of the Tallink e-shop offers hotel guests a great opportunity to get to know the products available in the Tallink e-shop, make a choice and order the products through the e-shop to their home or hotel. The showroom of Tallink’s e-shop presents the best seasonal selection of perfumery products, sweets and alcoholic beverages in the e-shop.

The body care product line from RITUALS brand used in Tallink City Hotel is also represented.

  • Visit the Tallink e-shop showroom and treat yourself or your partner to a wonderful gift!

Tallink e-store

A rich variety from world-famous brands.

  • Any products ordered by 10pm will be delivered to the hotel by 10am the next morning.