We care about nature and the development of society

We care about nature and the development of society

As a responsible company, Tallink Hotels takes into account the principles of sustainable development every day and throughout its activities. We care for the good health of nature and society. We make all future-oriented decisions very responsibly, thinking about saving the environment and future developments.

As our cooperation partner, you also participate in creating and maintaining a sustainable world. As a subsidiary of Tallink Group, we align ourselves throughout the organization in fulfilling the jointly agreed climate goals in all our areas of activity.

We understand that each individual company has a great responsibility to maintain a decent and environmentally friendly environment. In all our business functions, we strive to reduce its destructive impact on the environment and increase conservation and regeneration.

As a responsible company, we consider it important that we pay equal attention to preserving the environment, sustainable management, and certainly to people. The well-being of both our guests and our employees is very important to us. Also, our constant focus is on community activities and greater social awareness.

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With sustainable management, we reduce waste and careless overconsumption

How do we do it?

  • We are precise and attentive when ordering, preparing, and serving food and other goods to the customer.
  • We reduce the daily cleaning of hotel rooms to a reasonable level.
  • We avoid excessive waste generation.
  • We reuse or create opportunities to reuse hotel inventory (sheets, towels, furniture, accessories).
  • When renovating hotels, we follow the principles of sustainability and integrate existing resources into new solutions.
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To contribute to environmental protection

  • We use milder cleaning chemicals as needed.
  • We create opportunities to save energy and conserve water.
  • We abandon the use of disposable dishes and separately packaged products.
  • We purchase products with an eco-label and produced as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • We improve the sorting of waste by type and maximum recycling.
  • We reduce the use of paper as a one-time information medium.
  • We are aware of the digital footprint and reduce the generation of digital waste.
  • We prefer local products to shorten the supply chain.
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To ensure people’s well-being

  • We value a friendly, caring, and attentive working environment.
  • We constantly make improvements to improve the living environment based on the suggestions of employees.
  • We see the opportunity to work with colleagues of different nationalities, cultures, and religious and political beliefs as an educational, exciting, and world-widening advantage.
  • We respect all people’s freedom and right to fair and humane treatment, regardless of human differences.
  • We involve people with special needs and find professionally interesting challenges according to the employee’s strengths.
  • We are unequivocally against violence, bullying, and discrimination, and we stand for the well-being of our employees.
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Contribution of the community and the society

  • We contribute through various charitable organizations such as Tartu University Children’s Fund, Minu Unistuste Päev (My Dream Day), and many other good partners.
  • We take part in organizing swimming lessons and sea rescue training for underprivileged children.
  • We cooperate with nursing homes to recycle hotel furniture, etc.
  • We help increase environmental awareness by informing our guests and guiding them to make environmentally friendly choices.
  • In order to confirm the competence of our environmental activities and to provide a better overview of it, we are applying for the 2022/2023 international environmental label Green Key.

Some examples of our latest activities

  • We gave up disposable dishes in the Aqua Spa bar.
  • Only bathroom cosmetics in large bottles are used in our hotels.
  • We don’t use room key card holders (the room number is on an easily removable sticker, which you can, for example, stick on your phone and thus eliminate the security risk in case of losing the key card.
  • We collaborated with fashion designer Xenia Joost, who used old bed sheets from our hotels to create her stunning collection.
  • During the renovation of the Tallink City Hotel, we preserved and integrated as much as possible those parts of the interior, replacement of which was not absolutely necessary.
  • When renovating the Tallink City hotel, we donated usable furnishings to those in need.

All our guests can contribute to a responsible world

  • Use energy sparingly – any energy production is a burden on nature, so please turn off the lights when you leave.
  • Maintain a normal temperature in the room.
  • Do not overuse heating and air conditioning.
  • Save water – clean water is a valuable natural resource that can be saved very easily with conscious consumption.
  • Leave only the towels that need to be washed on the floor – washing clothes is water and energy-consuming; you can help us save nature by using your towels several times.
  • Refuse room cleaning if possible – we have very nice guests whose rooms are mostly in very good order throughout their stay. If you still need the maid’s help, extra laundry or towels, let us know.
  • Sort waste – if possible, separate paper, packaging, containers with a pledge mark and bio-waste.
  • Put a reasonable amount of food on the plate at breakfast – this way, there are fewer chances that the stomach will be full, but some of the food will have to be thrown away.
  • Use the stairs to move around the hotel – this saves energy spent on elevators and is a simple and useful way to increase your body’s healthy movement. Tallink City Hotel has a health track for this.
  • When moving around the city, prefer public transport or walking – our hotels are easily accessible by public transport and are located close to everything exciting.
  • If you notice rude or disrespectful behavior of other guests towards the hotel staff, report it to the hotel management.